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March 2001 - August 2004

Mon 8/30/2004 4:15 AM
Name :   Eleanor
Email :   ??
Your Comments :   this is a great webbie!! helped me truely did............helped me with my homework:P
Fri 8/27/2004 7:14 PM
Name :   Evan Jones
Email :    evan.jones@sea.ddb.com
Your Comments :   very interesting. thanks for putting the site together. I love the old olympic logos
Tue 8/17/2004 8:01 AM
Name :   Maddy
Email :   mona rox77@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   Very very useful site
Sat 8/14/2004 7:08 PM
Name :   Naomi
Email :   billabongchick_33@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   I luv the olympics. I luv the website. Very helpful and up 2 date.
Fri 8/13/2004 3:02 AM
Name :   Danni
Email :   danni_da_doggie@ozemail.com
Your Comments :   really is a great web site ill tell all about this one!!!!!!!!
Tue 8/10/2004 3:50 PM
Name :   Lucas Beechinor
Email :   
Your Comments :   Extremely well done and informative. Much appreciated.
Mon 7/26/2004 2:56 PM
Name :   PAPA
Email :   mugu@nija.com.ng
Your Comments :   This site na wao! Keep it up
Tue 7/20/2004 1:36 PM
Name :   Simon
Email :   simon_ponce@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   very dissapointed in you choosing cobi as one of the worst mascots... for me a mascot not only has to be pleasant in sight but it also has to be good enough to be rememebered... if you take that deffinition... Misha wins BY FAR but Cobi is also a mascot t
Fri 5/7/2004 1:19 PM
Name :   Lil Rachet (Meek)
Email :   shellzthuggout@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   I love sports
Mon 5/3/2004 1:47 PM
Name :   Gaucos_boy
Email :   
Thu 4/15/2004 6:36 PM
Name :   Philip
Email :   F_obiglio@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   Must have taken ages to collect all of this, not bad.
Tue 4/13/2004 5:51 AM
Name :   L Powell
Email :   LPowell@portageps.org
Your Comments :   Very useful site. I am having my students research the 04 Olympics and this site will be helpful.
Sat 3/20/2004 4:24 AM
Name :   nemash
Email :   namash@maktoob.com
Your Comments :   this is realy great. whish you all the best. thanks for the effort.
Sun 3/14/2004 5:09 AM
Name :   Kei
Email :   i0435@yahoo.co.jp
Your Comments :   Hi, I surprised that you have logos of former non-finalized candidates cities. Amazing.Keep this good job!!
Thu 3/11/2004 4:59 PM
Name :   Kate Grill-Roesler
Email :   kgroesler@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   This is an amazing site. I cant wait to use it in my middle school English as a Second Language Class. We will be studying the Olympics very soon. Thanks! Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
Thu 3/11/2004 4:29 PM
Name :   asaba owerri
Email :   asaba@nna.nawao.org
Your Comments :   lome!i love this site
Fri 2/27/2004 10:53 AM
Name :   Rogerio Andrade
Email :   rogermoore2004@ibest.com.br
Your Comments :   Great site. Very interesting.
Tue 2/24/2004 11:17 AM
Name :   Christopher Kohnke
Email :   kohnkec@netscape.net
Your Comments :   Great website! You did alot of work here......Thanks!
Sat 2/21/2004 10:47 AM
Name :   ARTURO
Email :   
Fri 2/20/2004 7:23 AM
Name :   raquel
Email :   ratcka@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   ver las mascotas de los juegos paralimpicos
Name :   shaxa
Email :   SHAXAEDIA@msn.com
Your Comments :   kiero ver los dibujos de espaņa
Sun 2/8/2004 7:47 AM
Name :   tony
Email :   watercap@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   hello nice
Sat 1/17/2004 5:30 PM
Name :   steve
Email :   all_that_steve02@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   the rio de janeiro 2012 olympic bid has a website at www.rio2012.org.br
Tue 12/16/2003 11:36 AM
Name :   Terry L. Slaney
Email :   jstark1231@aol.com
Your Comments :   
Wed 11/12/2003 1:10 PM
Name :   M.Joseph
Email :   
Your Comments :   youre good to go!
Sun 10/19/2003 4:10 PM
Name :   Shiknamiya
Email :   noneofyoubuznazz@kissmyahem.com
Tue 10/14/2003 4:26 PM
Name :   toon de backer
Email :   toondebacker@t-online.de
Your Comments :   At the moment the regional government of Flanders (Belgium) is seriously thinking about candidading for the games of 2016. There is already a website dedicated to it : http://www.vlaanderen2016.be/ Unfortunately for you, at the time being it is only in d
Tue 9/30/2003 9:15 PM
Name :   JinSook Sung
Email :   jssung@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   As far as I know, KOC (Korea Olympic Committee) has not selected candidate city for 2014 in Korea between PyeongChang & Jeonju. So, you can not, I think, put the name Jeonju as a candidate city for Korea, which is wrong. Other visitors may misunderstand
Name :   bdr
Email :   
Your Comments :   Best Olympic Mascot: its a tossup between Misha the Olympic Bear (1980) and Sam the Olympic Eagle (1984). Worst Olympic Mascot: by far, the worst Olympic mascot is Izzy the Whatzit (1996). Atlanta deserved much better than a teenaged blue blob as a mas
Name :   Glyn Bowen
Email :   glynbowen@ebierley.fsnet.co.uk
Your Comments :   Brilliant - Best source for logo refences Ive ever seen!
Mon 7/28/2003 5:02 ?M
Name :   Galina
Email :   
Your Comments :   I did not realize that my message was too long. Just want to say that your site makes a lot of people very happy.:)
Mon 7/28/2003 4:59 PM
Name :   Galina
Email :   
Your Comments :   I was very impressed with the links youve provided for Olympic History, especially for the Ancient Olympics. All in all, very interesting and informative site. You know, I was not really surprised to find out that Misha the Bear was your favorite Olympic mascot
Wed 7/23/2003 7:11 AM
Name :   shuriken
Email :   joseparis@netexecutive.com
Your Comments :   this site is totally awesome! very interesting. im also interested in sports logos. i wish there will be more additions especially SEA Games logos, thanks!
Mon 7/14/2003 11:33 AM
Name :   L Hill
Email :   
Your Comments :   A fab site - I teach graphic design and my students will be designing the logo for the London 2012 bid next term - your site is ideal for them to look at the rage of previous logos. Thanks - saved me a huge job!
Name :   Mr Jazz Salcedo
Email :   jazzsal@bellsouth.net
Your Comments :   Just simply a great site. Please keep up the good work, it has been bookmarked since the 1996 Atlanta Games
Name :   Elis
Email :   blä@muu.ny
Your Comments :   Nice page!! Sweden Rockzzzz!!!
Name :   Steffen Meyer
Email :   steffen.meyer2@web.de
Your Comments :   It is a very good archiv and very interesting! Thank you for your andeavors. Keep at it!
Name :   excesivo
Email :   excesivo@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   Very very well!!! The most serious and complete collection of olympic logos I have ever seen. Very nice job. Congratulations. www.excesivo.bo.nu
Name :   laura houston
Email :   cool_bananas96@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   this is an exellent site for reasearch but we need pictures of the mascot Amik
Name :   Tang Albert(Hong Kong)
Email :   
Your Comments :   a very nice archive, thank you
Name :   heather
Email :   stop2talk654
Your Comments :   kool
Tue 2/4/2003 7:03 PM
Name :   Rod Nevison
Email :   darod@telus.net
Your Comments :   Twice now Ive stumbled upon your site. It was better second time around. Thanks!
Thu 1/30/2003 6:19 AM
Name :   cam jonsson
Email :   rocky5r@japan.com
Your Comments :   very good
Mon 12/9/2002 2:24 PM
Name :   samuel vickers
Email :   
Your Comments :   this site was very helpful and i managed to do my home work because of it thanks
Mon 12/9/2002 12:31 PM
Name :   mohammed
Email :   sportlinks@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   www.sport-links.cjb.net
Sun 11/10/2002 5:32 PM
Name :   Maira Escamilla
Email :   maira_a_escamilla@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   I just wanted to tell you that your web page is great,:) keep up the good work.
Thu 11/7/2002 11:05 AM
Name :   Jentry Appenheimer
Email :   jappenheim@epals.com
Your Comments :   On your list of olympic logos you do not have calgary as the 1988 winter olympics
Thu 11/7/2002 9:25 AM
Name :   Andrew Cooper
Email :   cololnel_ross@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   like this site alot very useful i collect east european badges in cyrillic and this site has helped uncover the id of some old mysteries that have been a pain thanks
Sun 10/27/2002 4:06 PM
Name :   graham Burnett
Email :   burnettgpm@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   good site. I have a three eyed cat nine weeks old with a check mark on its fore head and a third eye that shows itself when it sleeps. Thats right...a third eye...unbelievable possibilities to the logo mascot trademark industries...all offers of employmen
Mon 9/30/2002 6:51 AM
Name :   Eoin Ee
Email :   editorialteam_olympicupdates@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   Its amazing how you are able to collate so many logos and the various macots and emblems. Maybe a change to the site's main page will make it more attractive.
Tue 9/10/2002 5:40 AM
Name :   Paul Lucas
Email :   
Your Comments :   i love you
Fri 8/16/2002 10:21 AM
Name :   Luc
Email :   daprinz@web.de
Your Comments :   sorry, but i don't agrre with you in voting cobi for the worst mascot. cobi was (IMHO) the best concept for an ol. mascot by far.. not only was it created by a very good designer and cartoonist, it also was the only one that had a kind of real personality
Tue 8/13/2002 1:01 AM
Name :   mel
Email :   Tom_Boy66@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   the site does not match its description as the description is not good enough for it
Wed 7/3/2002 12:57 PM
Name :   Al Falcao
Email :   alfalcao@rogers.com
Your Comments :   Stumbled onto your website purely by accident and I am pleased that I did! Excellent stuff! Thank you for being a great source of information on the Olympics! I'll be visiting often. Good luck!
Tue 6/18/2002 2:36 PM
Name :   firehead ((www.tiviritavara.com))
Email :   firehead_@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   excellent website. great gallery. congratulations!
Sun 6/9/2002 4:58 PM
Name :   Marilyn
Email :   DutchieO7@aol.com
Your Comments :   Nice site. I also wonder if you can tell me where I might find a site that tells what a 1980 Olympic necklace might sell for? Thanks much for information. Marilyn
Tue 6/4/2002 4:16 PM
Email :   alejandropolis2001@yahoo.com.mx
Tue 6/4/2002 12:58 PM
Name :   Ricardo Acuna
Email :   iaso@mail.com
Fri 5/31/2002 7:13 PM
Name :   jasmine
Email :   jasminemunroe@nospamxmail.com
Your Comments :   Your site is very nice, and well researched, and brought me much pleasure. Thanks so much!!
Tue 5/21/2002 7:15 AM
Name :   godspower ego
Email :   godpowerego@yahaoo.com
Your Comments :   i like this web site because they use to give me what i want thanks
Wed 5/15/2002 9:22 AM
Name :   Jorge A. Santes
Email :   french_archduke1974@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   I love this website!!! There is so much information about the olympics and, my favorite sport, soccer. The only thing that I did not like is that you gave "Striker", the '94 U.S. World Cup mascot, a "B"! Striker is the coolest soccer mascot of all time. S
Tue 5/14/2002 9:49 AM
Name :   Masha
Email :   
Your Comments :   I like this site and it's author! Both are so cool
Wed 5/8/2002 10:26 AM
Name :   nate
Email :   natedog24@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   i do not like this page i ask for a flag and there is no flags on this page i am going to sew all of u people
Tue 5/7/2002 10:03 PM
Name :   JotaEme
Email :   cactoo@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   I'm a european graphic design student,and this site helped me A LOT when I had to design an advertise about olympic games, with logo, mascot and other information. I was able to know and see everything I wanted. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
Sun 4/28/2002 12:09 PM
Name :   Linda
Email :   
Your Comments :   Hi! Great site. The logos are great!! =)
Sat 4/27/2002 1:01 PM
Name :   karthickds
Email :   karthickds@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   this site is so cool man...one of the best i have seen so far..keep up the good work...
Sat 4/27/2002 7:13 AM
Name :   Jayashree Acharya
Email :   jayashreeacharya@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   Its Excellent and I wish I could be a part of it.
Wed 4/10/2002 7:33 PM
Name :   Angelo Rivas
Email :   angelorivas@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   It's an amazing page and a very nice site to watch. But there's a mistake the Soccer World Cup 1986 was held only in Mexico, so I don't know why Colombia is mentioned there. By the way I have some posters from Olympica Games not appearing here. Contact m
Sun 4/7/2002 12:15 AM
Name :   Jin
Email :   yong_jin00@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   Extremely good site that is very useful to me. Gives me a sense of history.
Fri 4/5/2002 1:43 PM
Name :   luis glez glez
Email :   kaspioticaspla@hotmail
Your Comments :   viva monterrey 2012
Fri 4/5/2002 11:05 AM
Name :   Bill
Email :   BillBrd1@aol.com
Your Comments :   Hi, it's me again. My favorite mascots are Schneemann and Vucko. I have a pin/button for each Olympic mascot and a "Schuss" figure.
Fri 4/5/2002 11:02 AM
Name :   Bill
Email :   BillBrd1@aol.com
Your Comments :   I gotta admit, I am disappointed with the mascots for 2004. I'm hoping they'll do what Atlanta did with Izzy and re-design them.
Thu 4/4/2002 9:42 PM
Name :   maria karantza
Email :   mkarantza1@excite.com
Your Comments :   As a Greek living abroad I am disappointed with the 2004 mascots. They really suck!
Mon 4/1/2002 4:05 PM
Name :   pikas
Email :   kaspioticaspla@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   monterrey 2012
Tue 3/26/2002 12:28 PM
Name :   jose luis
Email :   kaspioticaspla@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   es una excelente pagina acerca de los olimpicos y el deporte, ah y que gane monterrey la sede del 1201212
Fri 3/8/2002 7:15 PM
Name :   Roald
Email :   
Your Comments :   your site is the best on the net with a lot of useful thing you doing a good job. Roald from Norway
Thu 2/28/2002 7:53 AM
Name :   chris reed
Email :   clegreed@aol.com
Your Comments :   
Wed 2/20/2002 4:08 AM
Name :   guy
Email :   
Your Comments :   very cool idea for a website. i like it. i hate vancouver2010's new logo though...that doesn't look like a winter olympic logo...booooooo
Mon 2/18/2002 11:34 PM
Name :   Caitlin Evans
Email :   princess947@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   
Mon 2/18/2002 7:01 PM
Name :   Jodi Michael Horner
Email :   mn_spice@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   Amazing work...I loved viewing all the logos for the winter and summer olympic games. Thank you for doing this.
Sun 2/17/2002 11:14 PM
Name :   Kristi
Email :   KMvolcom320@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   Does anyone know what the mascot for the 2006 winter olympics in Torino, Italy is going to be?
Sun 2/17/2002 10:59 PM
Name :   Ciara Denison
Email :   rainbobrite60
Your Comments :   I love the olypics. I think that it is so cool that we are having it in my home town of salt lake.
Sun 2/17/2002 4:46 PM
Name :   KaoZ
Email :   xb_neo
Your Comments :   Man, this is a so fucking cool site!!! So many logos, things, mascots... and I love soccer, oh this is just GREAT!!! You're the #1, keep up the good work!
Sun 2/17/2002 4:30 PM
Name :   steven
Email :   legbsa13@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   great
Sat 2/16/2002 3:19 PM
Name :   Jim Conner
Email :   jconnermia@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   Great site.....Thanks!
Sat 2/16/2002 3:07 AM
Name :   conrad
Email :   sven_intergalos@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   i love this site!!! ive even added it to my site http://www2.phat.at !!! keep up da good work
Thu 2/14/2002 2:15 PM
Name :   whitney thomas
Email :   daddys_angel_069@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   this site is so cool!!!
Tue 2/12/2002 11:51 AM
Name :   Sarah Mahonet
Email :   smcirex@earthlink.net
Your Comments :   Great jod team U.S.A.
Mon 2/11/2002 3:06 PM
Name :   bafoonagle
Email :   crazy_gal3332hotmail.com
Your Comments :   
Sat 2/9/2002 11:08 AM
Name :   Scott Blandford
Email :   www.hardcoremaniac2002@yahoo.co.uk
Your Comments :   blooming brilliant, the best logos page i've ever seen in hell of a long time!
Sat 2/9/2002 1:01 AM
Name :   Susannah
Email :   
Your Comments :   great site- very interesting
Sun 1/27/2002 8:44 PM
Name :   Elizabeth
Email :   GabAngel16@aol.com
Your Comments :   Nice must have taken a long time to make!
Sun 1/20/2002 2:46 PM
Name :   terri
Email :   avalon777@earthlink.net
Your Comments :   
Wed 1/16/2002 4:00 PM
Name :   Ichan
Email :   lovinabeach@astaga.com
Your Comments :   AWESOME !!! really help me for my class ! keep up the good work !
Wed 1/16/2002 5:29 AM
Name :   touchy
Email :   yutouch@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   good web for searching logo design if it has logo of team etc. premiere leauge, calcio, nba, it excellent.
Fri 12/7/2001 5:36 PM
Name :   Jill Arrington
Email :   jillarrington@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   Great site!
Tue 12/4/2001 5:18 AM
Name :   Qatar
Email :   qatar@Hotmail.com
Your Comments :   Your sight was a great use 2 me- thanx so much :)
Sat 12/1/2001 12:07 PM
Name :   JRK
Email :   pepinillocontomate@yahoo.es
Your Comments :   Go MADRID 2012!!! Excellent site! Saludos desde Espaņa: www.madrid2012.es
Wed 11/28/2001 2:05 PM
Name :   thnx
Email :   thnx
Your Comments :   thnx- was perfect for my research!
Sun 11/25/2001 3:27 AM
Name :   Hani Hattab
Email :   hannubaddu@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   I am relly shocked when I browsed in your homepage, It was a dream for me, I am very logos fan, specially the olympics.. I thank you and WILL DONE!!
Sun 10/28/2001 3:04 AM
Name :   Prodd
Email :   editors@soccerphile.com
Your Comments :   Soccerphile.com for WCup info
Wed 10/24/2001 8:04 PM
Name :   brian
Email :   brian@wee.co.uk
Your Comments :   Very good site you have... well done brian, dublin, ireland
Sat 10/20/2001 6:21 AM
Name :   Dhruv
Email :   dhruv_84@satyam.net.in
Your Comments :   Absolutely Fantastic! Olympics and Football...Going hand in hand...thats what i wanted and great logos as well... Keep up the good work...
Mon 10/8/2001 6:02 AM
Name :   c
Email :   esselte77@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   Superb collection! very nice! How long did it take? I mean to collect all this?
Sun 9/30/2001 5:08 PM
Name :   stacey
Email :   stacey_177us@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   i think its a very interesting site.
Sat 9/15/2001 7:12 AM
Name :   pricha chanla
Email :   pchanla@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   I like Manchester United
Tue 9/11/2001 9:03 PM
Name :   Matthew De Bernardo
Email :   deebo974@yahoo.com.au
Your Comments :   Great site! By the way, Brisbane (Australia) is going to bid for the 2012 olympics.
Sat 9/1/2001 6:54 PM
Name :   BilandKay
Email :   Health@Billandkay.com
Your Comments :   As Indpendent members of Sunrider International, we are proud to be part of the grand sponsorship of the 2008 Olympics and know our healthful products are used by many competing athlets.
Mon 7/30/2001 9:48 PM
Name :   Jennifer Altizer
Email :   uunicornlvr1973@aol.com
Your Comments :   Hello, I have a 1980 Olympic Mascot..Misha the Bear. I would like to know if he is worth anything. I paid $21.00 for it. I had 1 as a child. This one is in good condition. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
Mon 7/30/2001 5:23 PM
Name :   Irma
Email :   
Your Comments :   Very useful and interesting site! Thanks.
Fri 7/13/2001 7:47 PM
Name :   Will
Email :   
Your Comments :   I'm sorry, I got out of line there.. Excellent site. Sorry, I was just speaking my mind, that's all! (The message was cut off)
Wed 7/11/2001 3:35 AM
Name :   Will
Email :   
Your Comments :   Beijing SUCKS! They're a communist country and they shoot people who speak their mind. How outrageous of them to celebrate their victory in Tianammen Square, the exact place where 19 people were brutally killed and 1 student was crushed by a tank! Toronto
Sat 7/7/2001 11:42 AM
Name :   Posy
Email :   C.Poser@t-online.de
Your Comments :   Thank you very much for this site. It's really great and marvellous. greetings from Germany Posy
Sat 7/7/2001 10:14 AM
Name :   Michael
Email :   
Your Comments :   Good work! I found all olympic logos I ever searched. Go on with your great site. Greetings from germany, M.
Thu 6/28/2001 6:27 PM
Name :   Javi
Email :   bali77@latinmail.com
Your Comments :   Nice job!! I´m a great fan of logos the different competitions. Finding this web has been an exciting experience for me
Mon 5/21/2001 2:09 AM
Name :   Matthew McQuade
Email :   matthewmcquade@btinternet.com
Your Comments :   hi great website i have used it for many football logos.
Fri 5/18/2001 4:40 AM
Name :   Bucrebel
Email :   bucrebel@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   Very interesting site. Lots of good research. Kudos! Buc www.msml.itgo.com
Wed 5/16/2001 9:22 PM
Name :   leandre
Email :   leandre@m6net.fr
Your Comments :   It's GREAT!! Mille et un bravo.
Wed 5/16/2001 4:42 AM
Name :   pepe elias
Email :   pepelias@supercable.es
Your Comments :   Muy interesante tu web. Te felicito por ello
Sun 5/13/2001 11:43 AM
Name :   carig butler
Email :   
Your Comments :   it is great i will be using this one again
Mon 4/30/2001 12:05 PM
Name :   Wan
Email :   ee_juan@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   I've been surfing through your website for about 2 years now, & still find it to be superb.. esp with your vast collection of logos & mascots. You have created a mecca of sports & olympic logos. You have collections from region like africa & asia... you h
Mon 4/30/2001 4:21 AM
Name :   Michael
Email :   justmike1962@aol.com
Your Comments :   Thank you for having such a wonderful informative site. I am a nostalgia buff, and look forward to the information I get from your site. Do not change anything.
Wed 4/11/2001 4:32 PM
Name :   thew hooi see
Email :   sunflower_um@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   no comments
Tue 4/10/2001 9:21 PM
Name :   Ellie Horner
Email :   ellie@esp400.com
Your Comments :   Your website is awesome. I am designing a quilt where I am embroiderying all the summer olympic logos. This website has helped tremendously in the design of my quilt squares. Thanks!!!
Mon 3/26/2001 7:59 AM
Name :   Mariana
Email :   mariana_fan_lm@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   Me parecio una excelente pagina, tiene bastante informacion, y muy buena, me ha sido grato visitarla. !Saludos desde Mexico!
Sun 3/25/2001 4:26 PM
Name :   michael
Email :   choochooboy62
Your Comments :   brilliant! i think this site is the best site i have seen on the net. very clear to view, easy to follow and unbelievably informative and graphic. excellent logos and all easy to find and access.
Thu 3/15/2001 6:43 AM
Name :   Lori Bathurst
Email :   LoriBathurst@myschoolmail.com
Your Comments :   Thank you for all of your hard work. I am a Social Studies teacher and able to utilize your website for an Olympics research assignment in my classroom. You have gathered an enormous amount of information here. I could not begin to imagine how much time y
Sun 3/11/2001 6:43 AM
Name :   ben.mungo
Email :   ben.m@yahoo.com
Your Comments :   
Thu 3/1/2001 9:04 AM
Name :   Ryza Yusof
Email :   nirwanay@hotmail.com
Your Comments :   Dear Sir Thank you for creating such a great site on Olympic. It really helps me on my final semester's project. Wish me A! May God bless you.
Thu 3/1/2001 7:04 AM
Name :   sittirat
Email :   
Your Comments :   awesome

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